Cycling with views and flow

Experience Ramundberget's bike park with views of the mountains and a nice flow down the mountain tracks. Here is something for everyone who likes cycling, whether it is lift-mounted mountain biking, trail cycling, flow trail or enduro.

In Ramundberget there are accessible mountain biking with variety. Here you go directly onto the trail from the accommodation or parking in the valley. With Fjällgårdstorget as a starting point, you can easily go with the chair lift Fjällgårdsbanan the mountain top. Then enjoy the perfect flow down the flow trail or pedal straight out onto the mountain on beautiful trails with varying degrees of difficulty.

Feel free to take a break at Fjällgårdstorget. There are a pump track and a technique area for big and small cyclists to develop together.


Flow trail


Technique area

Practice balance and technique in the skills area at Fjällgårdstorget. Here you can practice cycling on built up obstacles which is both fun and useful to be even safer and happier on the bike.  The technique track is popular with all bicycle guests.


Pump track

The pump track at Fjällgårdstorget is a favorite among big and small cyclists. The track is built to “pump” yourself round controlling speed and balance using speed from the curves and hills. Here you can hang around for a long time and challenge yourself and each other.


Cycling trails

Around Ramundberget there are lots of nice tracks and trails that are great for cycling. You can take the lift  and ride directly out onto the mountain, or start your tour from Fjällgårdstorget in the valley.

The staff at our sports shop Topsport are happy to tell you about the golden grains. Ramundberget is part of Funäsfjällen's trail system, with over 300 kilometers of bike trails to discover. Remember that some trails are shared with hikers. Take it easy and show consideration.


After bike

A nice cycle day should be rounded off in an equally comfortable way. Enjoy an ice cream in the sun or have a drink in the restaurant Mor Britas or out on the veranda. In the square, with skills area and pump track right next door, there are great opportunities for a relaxed after bike moment.