Paddlare på Rogen

Canoeing in Rogen a memory for life

Rogen's nature reserve is a maze of small and large lakes between long winding ridges surrounded by powerful mountains. Rent a canoe and choose between trips with different levels of difficulty.

The paddling opportunities are many and can be adapted to ability and level of ambition. Paddling in Rogen starts one week before Swedish Midsummer, in mid-June, and goes on until mid-September. Before and after this period, conditions are often too harsh in the reserve due to weather, snow and ice.

For the summer of 2022, you can once again rent canoes, paddles and life vests directly from Topsport. The package includes a briefing by a guide, as well as transport to and from Rogen.  
If you prefer, you can drive to Käringsjön ("Old Lady Lake") yourself, and rent your canoes, paddles and life jackets there. These can be prebooked at +46 684-28022 or at

Canoeing in Rogen

Paddling in Rogen begins on the protected "Finger Lakes" just north of the natural reserve. From the first lake, "Käringsjön", you can choose a southern route towards Rogenstugan ("Rogen Cabin") or a western route that takes you through several lake systems in the direction of Skedbrostugan ("Skedbro Cabin"). Both options include short "portages" (bits where you'll have to carry your canoe on land). 

The paddling route can be infinitely varied. Lake Rogen itself is extensive and requires calm weather to be paddled. Therefore, take plenty of time to explore the beautiful area. You can mix paddling with hiking up to Lake Bredåsjön, or you can hike to the top of Bustvålen and other exciting mountains. See more tour tips below.

It's possible to stay overnight at Rogenstugan and Skedbrostugan. The cabins belong to the Swedish tourist association (STF) and can be booked via their website. 



For questions about the tour, equipment and booking please contact:



3,080 SEK per person (up to 8 days). Each additional day costs 290 SEK per person. 


Good to Know

Number of days: We recommend a minimum of 3 days. A week is common.
Map: Z59 Rogen 1:50 000
Fishing Licenses: The County Council of Jämtland Ruhtven Sihjte and Tännäs Fishery Area.
Other Equipment: At Topsport in Funäsdalen you will find all outdoor equipment to buy or rent.
Tip: Please read FAQs about paddling on Rogen and our tour tips below.


About the Rogen Area

The landscape is a result of the ice age which created the unique Rogen moraine. Between the ridges, the water system allows the paddler to discover beautiful ponds, smaller lakes and long rivers. The relatively easy access to the wilderness makes Rogen a very popular area for outdoor activities, not least canoeing.

The barren ground is covered with scattered stones and logs with a long history. In many places, the pine forest is between 500 - 1,000 years old and the old dry logs provide a unique nature experience.

Flora and Fauna

Due to the climate and the harsh terrain, there are mostly unusual species found here. The fauna lives and thrives because of the water system in Rogen, attracting reindeer, elk, lynx, bears, beavers, otters and other animals. During a canoe trip, it is not uncommon to encounter ospreys, Arctic loons, ducks and waders. 

Fishing in Rogen and Femundsmarka is well-known, and Rogen has some of the largest hares and trout in Scandinavia. Fishing can be done with fly or reel.

Infinite Variety

In Rogen and Femundsmarka it is not difficult to spend days, or even weeks, without getting bored. The many different types of landscapes present challenges with variation depending on how much adventure you want to experience.

We Care About the Environment

We protect the environment and do not accept debris or destruction in nature. Everything that we as visitors carry into the natural area should be taken away with us. Obviously, the Right of Public Access ("Allemansrätten") must be followed. It is appreciated if visitors pick up garbage, even if someone else brought it there. Rogen Nature Reserve and Femundsmarka National Park are clean and unspoilt, and we have a shared responsibility to keep them that way.