Flugfiskare i Rogen

Avanced Canoe Trip Käringsjövallen -Feragen

A real adventure of at least eight days. Paddling from Käringsjövallen to Feragen is a favorite trip. Paddling first takes place in a low mountain environment and later on two large lakes with good fishing and wild swimming.

The trip can be done in eight days if the weather is good during canoeing over the largest lakes Rogen, Femunden and Feragen.

It begins with a long portaging of canoe and packing down to Vingsjön. During the paddling you will see Storvigeln, home to the prehistoric beast muskox, at just over 1,500 meters on the horizon for almost all the time.

Keep in mind that the tour is tough for many. Long portaging in rough terrain and canoeing on larger lakes means that the beginners may have to think twice before booking. This tour is almost as tough as the trip from Käringsjövallen to Röros.

Trip Facts

Number of days: We recommend 8-12 days
Difficulty: Difficult.
For whom: Good fitness and habit of staying in nature is required.

Map: Z59 Rogen 1:50 000, Röa 1719:1 and Brekken 1720:2
Fishing license: Länsstyrelsen Ruhtven Sihjte, Tännäs Fiskevårdsområde samt Röros Fjellstyre Femunden.