A group of mountain climbers

A true challenge climb five mountains

Around Ramundberget there are five high mountains, Helags, Skarsfjället, Mittåkläppen, Anåfjället and Storskarven. Climb all fives during one year and get the award for the "Five mountains" afterwards. A true challenge.

This five mountain challenge is just what it sounds like - a true challenge, but a challenge with a lot of reward. On your way to the goal you will get the most beautiful views around Ramundberget.

Helags, Skarsfjället, Mittåkläppen, Anåfjället and Storskarven are all beautiful and just right challenging mountains to either hike in the summer or to ski tour in the winter. No climbing equipment or glacier experience will be needed. Anyone with the right focus and stubbornness will reach the mountain tops.

This is what you do:

You have one year to reach the mountain tops and it doesn't matter if you do it in the winter or in the summer. Take a picture when you're at the top and please inform the reception at Gästservice afterwards. When you have reached the mountain tops and showed your pictures to us, you will get the award - the Five top patch.  Good luck! 

We have done it

The list of all mountaineers who have succeeded you find on the Swedish version of this site.