Vandra Gruvturen med vida vyer

The mines historical hike

Above Ramundberget there are mining holes, quarries and old mining cottages, memories of a bygone era of iron ore mining in the area.

Choose between a longer or a shorter trip, both are equally beautiful with clear marks after 200 years of mining. The start of the tour is on Ljusnan's northern shore, by Ramundbergets camping site and the bridge over the river. Keep right. You see the markings for Gemtour (Guldtur) 3 with orange marking against the mines.

At the shores of the watercourse the rose-coloured moss campion grows. Further along the tour are several signs that describe the history of the past. Once at the mining area, there are several mining holes that are possible to enter, at your own risk.

The tours are blue/red, easy and medium difficult, and 7 or 12 km long, with a difference in altitude of 230 meters.

Village mining days

Certain dates during the high season in the summer, the Bruksvallarna Village Association organizes mining days - take the opportunity to experience the mountains, nature, history and culture at the same time. Enjoy a Kolbulle cooked over an open fire.Kolbulle is an old Nordic dish that was cooked in the simplest possible way directly in the frying pan. It was common among for example loggers, coalers, and railway men, who lived under primitive conditions, often in bunks.


Description of the route

Gemtour 3 Gruvturen