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On site staying in Ramundberget

Welcome to Ramundberget. Here you will find information about different accommodations, times for check-in and check-out, things that are good to know during your stay and on site information.

Arrival and departure for apartment or cottage

Winter: check-in after 4 pm at the reception at Gästservice, at Fjällgårdstorget in the village center.

Summer: check-in takes place at the reception at Fjällgården, the hotel.

Check-out is at the latest 10 am departure day. The key is returned to the reception.

Check-in / check-out outside our opening hours, your key is collected in the locked code cabinet outside the entrance to Gästservice wintertime, and outside Fjällgården hotel during the summer. When you leave, put the key in the mailbox outside.


Arrival and departure at the hotel Fjällgården

Check-in is at the hotel's reception no earlier than 4 pm. Check-out is at latest 11 am departure day.

Check-in / check-out outside the reception opening hours, the key is collected and left in the mailbox outside the hotel entrance.

Parking spaces for hotel guests are available at the hotel, at the eastern end.


Sustainability for cleaning and laundry

In Ramundberget we care about the environment and work sustainably, which is why we do not have daily cleaning. The rooms are reviewed every three days, rubbish is thrown away, paper and soap are refilled. Each guest receives two sets of towels upon arrival, more are available for hire at the reception.


Environmental station and waste management   

To take care of the unique mountain environment, we show consideration for nature and all guests and visitors should take care of their own garbage in the valley, along roads and in the mountains.

Here, garbage is sorted into containers in the lodging areas. Source sorting for glass, metal, paper packaging, magazines, plastic packaging and batteries is done in the environmental station that can be found at the Skarsvallen area. Keep in mind that you are in the middle of nature and wild animals live here too so don't leave garbage outdoors.

At Skarsvallen residential area (200 meters east on the left side the road from Fjällgårdstorget / 200 meters before Fjällgårdstorget on the right side of the road) there is an environmental station for sorting. There is also a designated place for ash from fireplaces.

Containers for combustible garbage in each residential area

Västhang: at the turnaround shortly after the children's ski and play area Lillramis or at the snow mobile parking place at the end of the road. 
Fjällängen och Gruvgården: on the road towards Gruvgården lodging area, the container is on the left side at the beginning of the area.
Skarsvallen: the container in located at the parking lot at Skarsvallen (100 meters from the environmental station, towards the river Ljusnan).
Osthangsbyn och Kvarnbäcksbyn: container along the entrance / exit to the main road.
The camping site: container below the campsite service house. 



There is parking for all accommodation, either directly in connection or at the designated location. We ask not use the neighbor's or other guests' parking.

Remember to keep roads accessible for emergency vehicles and maintenance.


Contact us for questions

Reception, Fjällgården hotel +46 684- 66 88 30

Reception Gästservice + 46 684-66 88 02

Booking office +46 684 -66 88 00