vy över Ramundbergets dalgång

In cottage or apartment good to know

In order for your stay to be as smooth as possible we have gathered frequently asked questions for you who rent an apartment or cottage in Ramundberget.

Faults in accomodation

Contact Gästservice immediately upon arrival if anything is missing, broken or if the accommodation is unclean, no later than 11 am the day after arrival. Report unforeseen errors directly during your stay. Opening hours you find in the footer of this page.  

Outside regular opening hours, urgent problems are reported to the the property manager on duty. The number is in your arrival envelope.

For everyone's well-being 

  • There is a ban on alcohol consumption in public places and a ban on drugs throughout the facility.

  • Peace and quiet shall prevail between 23 pm and 7 am. Between these times, the volume on TV and stereo should also be kept low. Noise, especially at night, as well as injury or damage can lead to immediate eviction. In case of any disturbance: contact the property manager on duty.
  • You as a guest have committed to our booking conditions during the stay, we therefore recommend you to read and follow them. 


None of our accommodation are allergy-free.

Household waste and recycling

All guests are responsible for taking care of their household waste and sorting it at designated places. See the lodging map for the nearest place to dispose of household waste. At Skarsvallen there is a recycling station for sorting waste..  


You control the sauna heater with a timer, pay attention so that you do not turn it too far. The units are equipped with an overheating protection that switches off if the number of degrees becomes too high. Some units have a visible reset button.


Are welcome in pet-allowed accommodation only, please respect the animal ban in the others. Violation is charged.


If the dishwasher leaks water, check that the hose under the sink has a lock so that the water turns and does not lead directly into the dishwasher.


If a fuse has blown, check that the buttons in the fuse box are on, otherwise contact Gästservice.


For residents who have a connection in their accommodation there is login information on the house key, or inside the cottage/apartment.


Parking is available directly adjacent to the accommodation or at a designated place. Respect other guest's car parks and remember to keep roads passable for emergency vehicles.

Non smoking

All our accommodations are non-smoking. Violation will be charged for.


Some stoves have a child lock that prevents the stove from getting hot. To activate, pull the knob to the off position. To deactivate again, turn back to 0.

Drying cabinet

Many drying cabinets have overheating protection. If it has been activated, the cabinet must be kept off (all knobs at the bottom) for 10 minutes before it can be started again.


The range of channels varies depending on where you live, the least you have a basic range. If no channels are shown at all, it may help to restart and unplug the TV and digital box.

Washing and drying

Fjällgården has a laundry room with washing machine, dryer and drying cabinet. Book at Fjällgården's reception.

Water heater

For the environment sake and for your own, we ask you to conscious use of hot water. The size of the water heater varies in the apartments and therefore the hot water can temporarily run out when there is a large consumption. If this happens, check that the boiler is switched on and wait for an hour.


Accommodation with underfloor heating is controlled differently, but it is common to control the number of degrees from a display (often placed on a hall wall / in each room) or through a switch next to the fuse box, that is to be set on high heat.


If the chimney is cold, it can take longer to get fire in the fire. Start by burning newspaper and smaller wooden sticks so that the chimney heats up. In severe weather smoke can come in. Ash is emptied into designated containers at the recycling station.