Household waste and recycling

To take care of the unique mountain environment we show consideration for nature. All guests and visitors take care of their own garbage in the valley, along roads and in the mountains.

Household waste

In Ramundberget there are containers for waste in each residential area, see below or on the lodging map.

At the turning area just after the children's ski and play area Lillramis or at the snowmobile car park further down at the end of the road.
Fjällängen and Gruvgården
On the road towards Gruvgården area, the container is on the left side.
The container in the parking lot at Skarsvallen (100 meters from the environmental station towards Ljusnan).
Osthangsbyn and Kvarnbäcksbyn
Container along the entrance / exit to the main road.
Container below the campsite's service house.

Source sorting at Skarsvallen

Source sorting for recycling of glass, metal, paper packaging, newspapers, plastic packaging and battery case you find at Skarsvallen (200 meters east on the left side of the main road from Fjällgårdstorget / 200 meters before Fjällgårdstorget on the right side of the road). There is also a designated place for ash from fireplaces.

Think of..

Remember that we are in the midst of nature where wild animals also live - do not leave garbage standing outside! Also, do not leave anything behind when you are visiting our beautiful mountain environment.