Mickelina plays with the children

Winter play with Mickelina

Winter play is childcare outside in a group where children, in the ages of 3 to 6 years old, play in the snow with our play leaders in Lillramis, the children's ski area.

Winter play is the perfect way for the smallest children to play with other children when the parents are skiing by their own in the slopes. 

At the meet up point for the ski lessons you will leave the children for the childcare. The childcare are in smaller groups with maximum 5 children per group and an adult must always be able to be reached by phone if anything happens. We serve juice and fruitsduring the Winter play. 

Make sure that the children have eaten before the winter play, and also make sure of warm clothes and visiting the toilet before the activity starts. When all of this is fixed it will be the perfect start for the winter play! 


More information will come. 

More information will come.

More informaiton will come.

Book the day before, at latest 4.00 pm.