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Here we have gathered questions and answers regarding the situation with the Corona virus.

Updated March 29 2020
What applies in Ramundberget linked to the situation with Corona?

Ramundberget is open until April 19 and takes a number of preventative measures. At present, there are no specific decisions made by the Swedish government and authorities to close mountain resorts and its facilities. In Ramundberget we follow the authorities' instructions regarding preventive work to reduce the risk of spreading contamination at the resort. If further decisions are made on the matter from government or authorities, we make decisions on the matter and inform the guests concerned.


What applies if you want to re-book your trip to us?
If you have a booking with us with arrival date from March 28 until April 19, 2020, you are entitled to cancel your trip at no cost and have the booking value credited to use as payment on an upcoming booking with us. The credit amount has the same value as the products you cancel. The offer also applies to bookings without rebooking and cancellation insurance. The amount of the credit can be used as payment or part of payment when you make a new booking with us during the summer season 2020 and the winter season 2020/2021. The re-booking must be done by December 31, 2020. For those who have already cancelled your stay for the current period, as above, we will contact you.

To re-book:
Send an e-mail to Include your booking number, what you want to do: re-book hotel or apartment, new arrival date, your first name and surname as well as  phone number. We will deal with the incoming errands accordning to the order they reach us and will contact you when it´s your turn. 

What measures are being taken in Ramundberget mountain destination to prevent the spread of Corona?
Ramundberget monitor the development and work continuously with various preventive actions with focus on promoting health and safety at the resort, all in line with the recommendations from the Public health agency of Sweden. Precautions are taken continuously to reduce the spread of infection, such as:

- Increased frequency of cleaning on public areas and toilets.
- All after ski-arrangements is set for the season, even the season ending arrangement is set.
- All buffets have been replaced with plate serving.
- Heating cabins are adapted to create more distance, extra room space is opened up and existing heating cabins are glazed out between the tables.
- Adapting flows and logistics with the ambition to reduce congestion and large groups has been made; increased spaces in the event of any lift queues with longer and wider hems, single queues are not used in the chair lift, the ski schools special closing event with rope pulling is cancelled, extended opening hours at selected service units with the aim of spreading the guest flow.
- Take-out to guest accommodation of pre-booked groceries from Lanthandeln and rented equipment from Topsport.
- Loading of ski passes via website is encouraged.
- Indoor activities are moved outside, as well as children's activities where it is difficult to keep natural distance adapted, even the mascot Mickelina's meetings with the children are cancelled, and the pool and gym are closed until further time at the hotel.
- Ensures that employees and suppliers follow guidelines from the Public Health Authorities.
- Works together with partners to take common precautions.
- Continuously informs of the development.
How are the restaurants and cafes being adapted?
All buffets have been replaced for plate serving and we have increased the spaces between the tables to avoid congestion. All restaurants and cafes carry out a risk assessment according to the advice from the authorities and take these precautions in order to reduce the risk of spread. Our common areas do not count as public gatherings or public events.

Can the number of guests on site at Ramundberget be considered a larger crowd?
When it comes to the regulations regarding larger public gatherings and public gatherings, we follow the industry standard and guidelines from SLAO, the Swedish ski areas industry association, which says that all activities connected to ski resorts should not be considered public gatherings or public events.

SLAO's medical councils cooperate with the Public Health Agency on this issue and have jointly recommended that activities can be run as usual, provided that everyone who works in the business and all the public who resides there are healthy.

SLAO also emphasizes the importance of preventing guests and staff from spreading the infection by staying at home if having the slightest symptoms of respiratory illness and washing their hands with soap and water regularly.


What happens if I, as a guest, get ill when I´m about to go to Ramundberget?

If you get ill and have booked to come to Ramundberget you can cancel, as usual, at no charge with the ERV´s insurance for cancellation and rebooking together with a valid medical certificate. If you haven´t got the insurance with, contact your own insurance company. 

What is my own responsibility as a guest?

We all have a responsibility for major societal disruptions that now exist with Corona, both guests and employees at the destination. As the Public Health Agency of Sweden has increased the risk level of the spreading of the corona virus to the highest level; "Very high risk of public dissemination in Sweden", we all need to work actively to prevent contagion.

Where can I turn to if I´m having questions?
We urge all guests to stay up to date and follow the development. For information about Corona or the authorities' recommendations, see links below.

Folkhälsomyndigheten - Public healh agency of Sweden

1177 Vårdguiden

Utrikesdepartementet- Government Offices of Sweden