Ramundberget + Electric Cars a perfect match

With 46 electric vehicle (EV) charging points, we are now the biggest single charging station in the Swedish mountains.

Original article published on January 24th, 2021.


Ramundberget are going big on electric vehicle (EV) charging with the help of new technology from ChargeNode. 

"Meeting the needs of our guests while continuing Ramundberget's long-term sustainability plan are the two main factors behind our decision to invest in EV charging infrastructure," says Philip Flacké, owner and CEO of Ramundberget, "After careful consideration, we chose to work with ChargeNode to create the biggest single EV charging station in the Swedish mountains. In total, there will be 46 electrical charging sockets for our visitors." 

The charging technology from ChargeNode is groundbreaking for large-scale EV charging in that several cars can share a centralized charging cabinet. Only one socket is needed at each parking space. The solution eliminates the need for a charging cabinet by each parking space, while the centralized coordination ensures each car receives the charge it needs.

"We are incredibly proud of the trust Ramundberget has shown by asking us to install the biggest single EV charging station in the Swedish mountains," says Kristian Sandahl, CEO and founder of ChargeNode. 

36 sockets are found at the parking lot by Hotel Fjällgården, with another ten at the lot behind Gästervice (right below Slalombacken). To charge your vehicle, download the ChargeNode app and create an account. 

Welcome with your EV to the end of the road! 


Read our Press Release (Swedish) about the initiative.