Mickelina plays with the children

Winter Play with a very special babysitter

Winter Play (Vinterlek) is Mickelina's babysitting service, where kids between the ages of three and six play in the snow together with our Activity Leader in Lillramis.

Winter play is the perfect way for small kids to play safely in groups when their parents are skiing on the big slopes. 

You drop your kids off at Lillramis and can then enjoy some free time, but we need a guardian to be available by phone in case of any issues. Group size is maximum five. We will play outside, with a juice and fruit break.  

Make sure your child has eaten and gone to the toilet before we begin, and remember that warm clothes are needed! That way, we can spend as much time as possible having fun together. 


Thursdays from Week 51 2021 to Week 16 2022. 

9-10.30 and 10.45-12.15.

SEK 250

Book the day before, at latest 16.00, on the website, the hotel reception or Gästservice. Information: +46 684-66 88 00 or bokning@ramundberget.se

Time and date applies to the winter season 2021/2022, and are subject to change.