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Frequently asked question’s

These questions and answers might be what you need to plan your trip to Rogen and Femundsmarka. If not, please do not hesitate to email us!

1. What is “The right of public access”?

Reed all about it here: Swedish environmental protection agency

2. Is there a road to Rogen?

You can drive all the way to Käringsjön, about 8 kilometres from Käringsjövallen, when you arrive there is a road- and parking fee to pay (cash only).
From Käringsjön there is a well marked trail to the STF Rogen cottage.

3. Is there a grocery store in Rogen?

No Rogens nature reserve is all wildernesses.
There are grocery- and outdoor stores in Funäsdalen.
Fishing licenses are available at Tännäs Fiskescentrum and at Käringsjön.

4. Are there cottages for rent in Rogen?

You can stay overnight at the new STF Rogen cottage.
For information please visit: The Swedish tourist association.
There are also some cottages at Käringsjön, please contact; Kerstin or Per-Roger. Phone: +46 (0)684-280 22

5. Can we camp everywhere?

Yes, as long as you follow ”The right of public access”.

6. Can we start a fire/bbq wherever we want to in Rogen?

No, the marked windshields are the only place’s where you may start a fire.
The ranger refills the wood regularly. Please pick wood from the ground if there are no wood, do not break branches from the trees.

7. Will my cell phone work in Rogen?

Most of the operators will work, if you climb a hill your chances will increase considerably.

8. What kind of wild animals may we come across in Rogen?

Bear, wolverine, lynx, wolf, moos, beaver, reindeer, eagles and if you are really lucky a muskoxen.

9. Are they dangerous?

No, you can safely leave food and beverages in your tent. You rarely come closer than a few hundred meters from these animals.

10. Do we need a fishing license?

Yes! At most of the lakes you need the licence from the county administration (Ruhtven Sijte sameby). This licence is available at Käringsjön, Tännäs Fiskecentrum and at Topsport Funäsdalen.
You can get information about fishing methods and the rules at these stores.
Char, brown trout, grayling, northern pike and perch are some species you can catch in the Rogen aerea. Spinning- and fly fishing gives you a good chance of catching fish during the season.

11. May we leave our trash in Rogen?

No! Everything you bring in to the Rogen aerea, you take out.
There is a container for the trash at Käringsjövallen.

12. Are there many portages?

Yes; most of them are fairly short; the longest is close to 800 meters.

13. Can we use a canoe trailer?

No; the path is often rocky and in quite bad condition. The best thing is; have your hands free and carry the canoe up-side-down over your head.

14. Shall I pack all my gear in one backpack?

Yes; everything is much easier and the portages faster when you carry your gear on your back.
Believe us, we’ve tried…

15. Is packing in plastic cans and carrying the gear in my hands a good idea?

No! All portages will take twice the amount of time. If you do not have a good rain cower to your backpack, you can store stuff in waterproof sacks inside your backpack.
Most travellers with too much to carry in there hands; often returns after a few days of struggles.

16. Is there a doctor in the Rogen aerea?

No, but there are in Funäsdalen. SOS number: 112. The nearest ambulance helicopter is in Östersund, about 270 km from Rogen.

17. Is there a park ranger in the Rogen aerea?

Yes, a really nice one as well! Location: Käringsjön.

18. Describe the nature!

The Rogen aerea is a widespread lake system surrounded by foothills and mountains. The Pine- and Birch forest have been here for many years.
On the ground there are lots of stone and fallen trees. There are also healthy swamps (mires).

19. Is it ok to drink the lake water?

Yes, you don’t even have to boil it. The water temperature is normally 7-14 degrees Celsius during summer.

20. Is the Rogen aerea paddle to compare to Värmland or Småland?

No! The Rogen aerea is much more inhospitable, more logs and rocks, less walked path and fewer people around. The fore you need to be in better condition and have more experience.
You have to be able to take care of your self and count on not seeing other humans for days.

21. Is it always beautiful weather in the Rogen aerea?

Yes and no… In the summer the temperature often is between 10-20 degrees Celsius during the days; but at night usually much colder. Frosty nights and mornings comes late in September.
Paddlers can also be caught by the wind. In a few minutes the weather can go from calm to heavy wind, big waves and dropping of temperature. Keep close to land and always use your life jacket!

22. Do I need special clothes for expeditions?

No, but water proof clothes and warm underwear should be a part of your luggage.

23. What type of shoes do you recommend?

Bring a pair of boots for portages and sandals/lighter shoes for bath and paddle.

24. How long is the paddle season?

Usually it’s ok to paddle just before midsummer and then all through September.

25. Are there mosquitoes and gnats?

Yes, bring repellents; especially from midsummer and a few weeks ahead.

26. When will the beautiful autumn colours come?

They usually come at the end of August.

27. Can I drive my car to Käringsjön?

Yes! Remember to bring cash for road- and parking fees. For prices call: +46 (0)684 – 214 35.

28. Can I paddle kayak in the Rogen aerea?

Yes, of course. But you need to conceder the fact that portages will be harder. Usually it’s more convenient to travel in a regular canoe.

29. Do I need a first aid kit?

Yes, and you need to know how to use it properly.

30. Do I need massive experience of paddling in the wild?

No, but we strongly recommend that you have some experience.

31. Can I bring my children?

Of course; but remember that all children are not alike. Some like the outdoors and others does not. The children need to be involved in the decision.

32. Can I change my destination during the tour?

Usually yes. Some days there are many arrivals and departures and we’ll have trouble keeping our schedule. But we’ll do our best, the fee for changing rout varies.

33. Can we be three persons in the same canoe?

Yes, you can; we’ve canoes with three seats. Note that the space for luggage will be less.

34. Will I meet a lot of people in the Rogen aerea?

Yes and no. During parts of July there quite a few people around, but you’ll never feel crowded. In June and September you’ll be all alone.

35. What happens if I destroy the canoe?

You can underwrite insurance in advance, other vice you are fully responsible and have to pay the full amount.
The insurance is 40 SEK/day and the deductible is 1 000 SEK

36. What equipment do you recommend me to bring?

The list bellow can be of assistant for you. Pack stuff with low weight and body mass. Light is right!
• Matches
• Compass
• First aid kit
• Map
• Food
• Kerosene stove
• Kitchen gear
• Water bottle
• Tent
• Sleeping bag
• Sleeping roll
• Boots
• Sandals
• Underwear
• Warm underwear
• Socks
• Thick sweater
• HGloves
• Backpack
• Water proof clothes
• Mosquito repellents
• Camera
• Fishing gear
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Binocular

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