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Foto: Jocke Lagercrantz. Kortbanan vid Tusen. 

New machine-made bike flow trail


Ahead of you, wide mountain ranges on the horizon, fun trails in the birch forests and tracks out on the open mountains and in the valley.  Ramundberget’s bike park is a fantastic place to explore by bike, with a group of friends, colleagues or the family. 


Many people are well aware of our varied and exciting terrain when it comes to skiing. But in recent years cyclists have also discovered us as a place to experience nature and the mountains in summer. A pure energy re-charge for anybody wanting to get out into nature during their holidays.


The area’s new machine-made mountain bike trail and bike park are expected to be the summer favourites. Careful planning went into the trail to get the best bends and flow feeling in the course. Less than a year ago, the task of making the trail went to Ulf Olofsson at Trail Solution, one of the best designers in the area. The objective was clear, the trail should show the best views of the area, be fun for everybody and easy to use. 


"Nature in Ramundberget is ideal for mountain biking. There’s a fantastic variety on the mountain, a modern lift that makes the journey up simple, and incredibly enthusiastic personnel,” says Ulf Olofsson, founder of Trail Solution. In other words, the conditions are very good for a successful cycling holiday.


Flow for all

The new trail begins at Fjällgårdsbanan lift at the top of Ramundberget. The very moment you step off the express lift with your bike you are surrounded by the majestic views of the mountains. From here you can choose your tour and whether you want to ride down at a calm pace or want a speedier work-out.


The trail has been designed for both beginners and more advanced cyclists to enjoy. To keep speed down you can just let the bike roll, and a lovely bend in the trail is followed by a slight uphill to balance out speed downhill. If you’d like to enjoy more of the mountain, we recommend an energy refuelling stop at the Tusen mountain café, while the kids ride round and round on the new short circuit right outside. From Tusen the trail winds its way along the mountain, down into the birch forest with several parking spots where you can catch your breath, take a holiday photo or wait for others in your group


If you're focused on speed and training, then you can pedal away all the way from the top, to get the best of gravity and the acceleration in the bends. Give it a little extra on the stretches in between so that you come up faster and higher in the bends. It’s impossible to miss getting into the flow, as it's known in the biking world.

The trail is part of a larger and more long-term plan for Ramundberget’s bike park, to offer more experiences on the mountain.


Ulf Olofsson at Trail Solution is the creator of the new machine-made trail. 

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