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Helagsleden i Härjedalen.


You start by walking north from Ramundberget and taking the bridge over the Ljusnan river. Keep to the left after a few hundred meters on a path to the right, Slänggungan trail towards Fältjägarstugan and Helags. Take it a bit easy at the beginning of the ascent as it goes on for a while. Enjoy the lovely surroundings treating you to a floral splendour in the early summer. 

At the tree limit the path divides into two. Take the trail to the left marked with cairns. On the open mountain you can enjoy the sweeping views with Mittåkläppen on the right and Skarsfjället to the west. The slightly bumpy-topped mountain you see furthest into the valley is Ljusnestöten, the source of the Ljusnan river, and the border between Norway and Sweden goes over the peak there. 

After about 7 kilometres at Svaletjakke wind shelter, you join the trail that comes from Fjällnäs via Klinken. This is a good place for a short break in the small wind shelter where there is also an emergency telephone. After a few more kilometres you reach the brow with a wonderful view of Mittån valley with Helags and Sylarna on the horizon. The trail winds through the valley and then climbs uphill again. Follow it up to Fältjägarstugan located 15 km from Ramundberget. It might be suitable to stay a night here before your journey continues over the hilly and wide-open section to Helags. 
When you go up Helagsfjället’s eastern brow, you can see Predikstolens characteristic silhouette to the west. Once you're over the brow, you don’t have far to go to your destination, which offers you wonderful views over Härjångs and Dunsjöfjällen mountains. With just over 1 km remaining, you go down to join the trail from Ljungdalen, which you follow to Helags mountain hostel up ahead, which has amenities that you are sure to appreciate. 

Helags peak

A tour to Helags peak offers a truly alpine mountain feel. The hike from the mountain hostel is a wonderful challenge, perhaps tougher than you might think, and with a lot of stones. When you approach the glacier and turn to look down toward the hostel, a fascinating feeling arises of being at one with nature and very small on earth.

It’s approximately 12 km from the car park at Kläppen in Ljungdalen to Helags mountain hostel. You should reach it in the middle of the day if you start early in the morning. This gives you time to try out a visit to the peak during the afternoon, if your legs can manage it and the weather is stable, of course. Otherwise, we recommend an overnight stay with dinner at the hostel to re-charge your energy for a tour to the top the next day.

It's well worth a stop at the waffle café en route up to the mountain hostel, a kilometre after Kläppen, if it's open. Shortly thereafter you will come to a very beautiful small tarn with a nice shore where it is pleasant to take a refreshing dip.

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