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Helikopter till Skarsfjället med guide.

A lift to the wilderness

Travelling over the mountains in a helicopter provides a unique sense of freedom and the views are something else. In just a few minutes you are out in the wilderness, which normally takes significantly longer and a lot of sweat to get to.

Together with Jämtlands Flyg AB we arrange helicopter rides in the summer to Skarsfjället, Mittåkläppen and others, from where you can then hike back to Ramundberget. 


Helicopter ride to Mittåkläppen, 1212 meters above sea level

This fantastic top is our most accessible peak. It’s some 6 km to Fjällgården from the peak, as the crow flies, and there are several ways to get back.

One favourite tour is to aim degrees south-west towards Gem Tour 3 and Glimtjärn tarn. You then have 4 km of untracked, soft and fine terrain to navigate through. You will definitely see reindeer there. Once on the trail you can find your way back to Fjällgården via different variations of Gruvturen (to the left or right of it). If you would like to stick to the trail all the way, follow the trail from the top to Djupdalsvallen, where you have the chance to eat perhaps the best waffles in Härjedalen. From there it is 6 km to Ramundberget. 


The tour from Mittåkläppen is approximately 8 km and suitable for all those who have some experience being out in the mountains. It is good if you are used to reading maps and using a compass, but the majority of the trail is signposted. 


Tour to the top of Skarsfjället, 1594 metres above sea level

The large Skarstoppen peak is visible from Ramundberget and also on our logo.  On this tour, hikers need to find their own way which requires more experience and strength. If you go more or less straight towards Ramundberget’s Fjällgård the tour is some 16 km. The first 3 km are rather steep downhill, followed by a longer stretch on a more gentle slope, sometimes with wet terrain. The tour is pleasant to run and easy to walk in the summer. But expect wet shoes.


You can also get down in other ways. One tour option is to go from the top straight toward the west and down to lake 1162 . From there you can follow the Ljusnan river all the way down towards Tväråfallet waterfall which takes you towards Klinken. From Klinken it is a simple 6 km hike on the trail to Fjällgården. For an alternative tour, head east/south-east from the top, in the direction of Daeriesbaektie/Douresbakte, and from there head towards the main trail, and take Gem Tour 2 back to Fjällgården.


This is the true wilderness! You hike outside of the marked trail system and select your own route. It has been said that this is the best of both worlds: heaven and earth - and it's majestic!


Keep in mind that the tour is dependent on weather conditions and should only be done on days with good visibility and not too much wind. Hiking 16 km in largely untracked terrain can be demanding. There’s an overnight stay option half way, in the form of the Svaaljetjahtke wind shelter. At the beginning of July there is still a lot of snow left on Skarsfjället mountain. This makes the journey more difficult and you should therefore be an experienced hiker to take on this tour at this time of year. The hike below Skarsfjället mountain consists mainly of marshland, which can also be tough to cross due to the water. A tour to Mittåkläppen is recommended instead for the inexperienced hiker.


Price and information

Flights to  Skarsfjället mountain from the helicopter base in Ljusnedal, 3 km south-east of Funäsdalen.
Price SEK 4,450 for 4 people in an EC120. 


Flights to  Mittåkläppen mountain from the helicopter base in Ljusnedal, 3 km south-east of Funäsdalen.
Price SEK 3,900 for 4 people in an EC120.


Other prices on request. For more information and bookings, contact Jämtlands Flyg: +46 (0)818 36 70, info@jamtlandsflyg.se 


Take the following with you:

- Map and compass are a must!

- Good hiking boots, as it may be wet in certain places. 

- Mosquito repellent or similar.

- A drink or a cup and something to eat on the way.



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