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Fiske i Ramundberget och Rogen

Fishing around the clock

Fishing opportunities in Ramundberget are many and varied. Grayling, char and trout thrive in our mountain water. Are you a hardcore fly-fishing fan? Do you prefer casting or maybe you simply want to fish from a bridge with the family? There is fishing in the area to suit almost everybody.

Topsport in Funäsdalen and Ramundberget have fishing equipment for rent. The shop in Funäsdalen has a greater range, and staff there are happy to share their expertise and knowledge. 


Fishing near Ramundberget

Just around the corner, the upper part of the River Ljusnan, with its clear and slow-flowing water, attracts fly fishing enthusiasts from afar. Fishing here is challenging and technical as the lures need be small and the snells long and thin. Fishing on the upper stretch of the Ljusnan river is by quota and limited to 8 permits per day which can be booked at natureit.se. There are several options from Ramundberget’s Fjällgård if you’re willing to put your boots on and walk for a while. Sylsjön lake and its waters and Hyddsjön lake at the Norwegian border are worth exploring and worth the hike, if only for the nature.


For the family or the beginner there is a plethora of different waters to choose from, with trout, char, grayling, perch and pike. Messmörstjärn tarn and Måns-Erstjärn tarn are easily accessible waters where fish are planted every year. Ljusnedalssjön lake has a fine stock of perch, pike and whitefish. Boats are available for rent.


Rogen Nature Reserve in Tännäs is a unique area with its many lakes and a rugged pinewood landscape. The Mysklan river flows here with its large grayling, and the famous lakes Vingarna and Abborrvikarna are also located here with large grayling, perch and pike. There’s a wide range of smaller lakes to explore in the area. There is also the possibility to rent a boat. Large fish are caught every year in the Rogen area. Grayling and perch of around two kilos and pike of over 10 kilos. There is a real chance of catching large pike here by fly-fishing.


The entire Funäsfjällen mountain range has more than 200 mountain lakes and 300 kilometres of flowing water. Whether you aim to catch your first trout or your 200th grayling, there is fishing here for you. 


Fishing permit

The fishing permit provides you access to one of the largest regulated fishing areas. You can also buy day permits for single days and areas. More detailed information about fishing in Funäsfjällen can be found on fiskepasset.se and on Funäsfjällen’s homepage.


Fly-fishing by Mittåkläppen. Foto: Funäsfjällen.

Fish with moderation in our waters

Our waters here are often clear and lacking in nutrients, which means a low production of fish. We recommend fishing with moderation and releasing the smallest and largest fish. If you want to keep a trout or a char we recommend a size of between 35-40 cm. This will help ensure that your next fishing holiday will be as good as the last one.


Gem Waters are particularly accessible fishing waters.

We recommend Funäsfjällen’s Gem Waters which have fine stocks of fish. There are eleven Gem Waters selected and prepared so that they are easily accessible and easy to walk along, with plenty of information. Some are also suitable for people with physical disabilities. All the Gem Waters are signposted and located close to parking areas. And they are of course really good fishing waters. You can find more information at Funäsfjällen’s homepage.


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