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Jaga ripa i Ramundberget

Hunting and fellowship on nature’s terms

Hunting mountain ptarmigan in Ramundberget is a unique hunting experience on fantastic grounds. We carry out hunting carefully here, in harmony with nature. Good food, fine dogs and knowledgeable hunting leaders make these days into lifelong memories.

Our hunting grounds are located above Ramundberget into the valley and up towards Skenörstjärn tarn. Sweeping views and the mountains on the horizon make this a majestic backdrop. The terrain is always accessible and you do not need to walk far to start the hunt. There is plenty of both grouse and ptarmigan, but the amount varies from year to year. As a nice addition, there is also plenty of hare.

Hunting in Ramundberget is carried out in harmony with nature and we never take more than the land can manage, which means that we have a very good bird population. We hunt with well-trained dogs to minimise animal and bird-life disturbance as far as possible and to enhance your hunting experience.


Ptarmigan hunting and fishing holiday

Find out more about our ptarmigan hunting and fishing weekend in September, together with like-minded and experienced guides. Suitable for beginners and those with more experience.



Tailor your hunting experience 

We would be happy to help you realize your best hunting experience with our enthusiastic leaders. Below an example programme for a hunting trip


Arrival, day 1

- Hunting leader welcomes you and goes through the trip

- Check-in to your apartment or into Fjällgården hotel.

- Local thin-bread wrap, our savoury food sandwich and beer

- Warm-up and test shooting on our shooting range


First hunting day, day 2 

- Breakfast together at Mor Britas, Fjällgården
- Hunting with lunch in the mountains
- Swimming pool and sauna
- Three-course dinner at Mor Britas, Fjällgården


Second hunting day, day 3

- Breakfast together at Mor Britas, Fjällgården
- Hunting with lunch in the mountains
- Swimming pool and sauna
- Five-course dinner at Mor Britas, Fjällgården


Day of departure, day 4

- Breakfast together at Mor Britas, Fjällgården


Lunches on the mountain are compiled by Ramundberget’s chef and consist of delicacies from local farms and Bruksvallarna’s Rökeri. Food is prepared by the hunting guide, often in one of the störrös (wind shelters) on our land. A nice place to hang out and eat around the open fire. 


The above is an example programme. Other activities can of course be added, such as golf, wine tasting, whiskey tasting, cooking, massage or a helicopter ride.


Contact and booking

Contact the hunting leader Stefan Knutsson on ripjakt@ramundberget.se or phone no.: +46 (0)70-229 84 07 for more information and bookings.



Map of Ramundberget’s private hunting grounds.

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