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Excursions in Funäsfjällen

There is much to discover in the Funäsfjällen mountains and the surrounding area. Take the opportunity to vary your experiences with us with a longer trip to our fine neighbouring villages. 

The Härjedalen mountains have much to offer in terms of adventure, attractions and culture. Select from among the culturally-acclaimed town environment in Norwegian Røros, to the ancient animals at the Musk-ox reserve in Tännäs.


Culture and cosiness in Røros

Røros on the other side of the Norwegian border is a favourite if you want to spice up your mountain visit with some culture. This is one of Europe’s oldest wooden house settlements and this has contributed to the former mining town being classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Visit the fine museum, pop into a couple of the lovely little shops, or stroll around and breathe in the atmosphere. Maybe you will recognise some of the places from the old Pippi Longstocking films, which were partially filmed here. Find out more. 


Ancient animals in Tännäs

In a unique reserve in Tännäs a herd of musk-ox live in their natural environment. This is your chance to meet the noble animals during a guided tour. The musk-ox can grow up to 2.5 meters tall and weigh up to half a tonne, it looks like a bison but is actually more closely related to goats and sheep. This calm animal can be very dangerous if it is irritated. Guided tours are carried out each day starting at Tännäs fishing centre / Rogen’s Nature Information. Book a ticket for the guided tour here. 


Expansive mountain views at Flatruet

If you continue from Mittådalen in the direction of Ljungdalen, you will come to the Flatruet mountain pass. This is Sweden's highest paved road at 975 meters above sea level at its highest point - with a somewhat unworldly view of the mountain ranges, especially northwards toward Helags. Flatruet road is very exposed to weather so go on a day with stable weather.


Mountain farm life and rock carvings at Messlingen

Messlingen is built around the mountain farmers’ work with forests and livestock, and the village is surrounded by a rich mountain and cultural landscape. There are deep canyons from the inland ice glacier melting, old alpine summer farms from the time when animals were taken to summer pastures, and rock carvings of more than 5000 years old. In Fiskhålsgraven, the protected dwarf char swims, which has adapted to its unique nutrient-poor habitat and only grows by 5 about millimetres per year. Those who want to fish will also find many fine fishing waters around Messlingen. Find out more. 


Sami culture and mountain refreshments in Mittådalen

Mittådalen, or Mihte as it is called in Sami, is a thriving cultural village and one of 52 Sami villages in Sweden. You can get a feeling for the rich history and traditions of the Sami here. Take a look inside one of the Sami tents, buy beautiful traditional Sami handicrafts, taste reindeer meat and test the good Sami bread. Perhaps have a cup of brewed coffee too. In summer there are a lot of reindeer in the area, so with some luck, you might see one close-up, and perhaps even get to pet one.


Museum, food and shopping in Funäsdalen

Funäsdalen is the main town in Funäsfjällen with a good selection of activities. You can climb Funäsdalsberget via the ferrata, learn about the mountain inhabitants and history at Härjedalen fjällmuseum (mountain museum), visit Elliseums gallery or visit the market days. There are a number of nice shops, cafes and restaurants to wander around. If you feel like swimming, there is a playground and bathing area at Risnäset, a popular recreation area which also has tennis courts and basketball courts.


Great catch in Tännäs

In addition to musk-ox rearing, Tännäs is also the gateway to Härjedalen’s best fishing areas. That means that the fish will bite - often. It’s an exciting starting point for a wilderness holiday and Rogen’s Nature Center can provide you with new knowledge about the flora and fauna of the area. In the fishing waters of Tännäs, you can do angling, net fishing, casting, hook fishing and fly-fishing. Find out more. 


For more suggestions on the activities and excursions available go to Funäsfjällen’s homepage

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