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Familjeaktiviteter i Ramundberget - indianpaddling.

Top 20 activities for the whole family 

If you ask us, there is no finer adventure land than the mountain world. Streams to dip your toes into. Winding trails to explore. Flowers to pick. Birds and animals to scout for. 

Adventure awaits around the corner in Ramundberget! The summer weekly programme is filled with fun mountain activities for the whole family. Our activity leaders show you the way to their summer treasures. 

We have leader-led family activities between 28 June and 12 August, from Thursday week 26 until Sunday in week 32. Book these by 4pm on the the day before to ensure your fun adventure. We also have adventures you can do on your own. 


1. Wild adventurers

We go out in search of adventure - along the way we meet plenty of obstacles that we have to get through together. Sharpen your wits and get your all-weather clothing on! Adventure awaits! Book* no later than 4 p.m. on the day before.

Age: 7-11years
Price: SEK 120 per child
When: Tuesdays and Fridays, at 10am - 12pm
Meet-up: outside Topsport shop.



2. Cycling knights

Mickelina has disappeared! Ramundberget’s most valiant knights gather their troupe of courageous heroes to cycle and save Mickelina! Book* no later than 4 p.m. on the day before. You can rent a bike at Topsport.


Age: 4-6 years
Price: SEK 120 per child
When: Tuesdays and Fridays at 1-2pm.
Meet-up: outside Topsport shop.



3. Summer games

We take a backpack with some fruit and juice, walk out on the mountain and explore all that the mountain has to offer. We see how we feel that day and do what feels good. The tour takes 1.5 hours. Bring suitable clothing for the weather. Book* no later than 4 p.m. on the day before.


Age: 4 - 6 years
Price: SEK 70 per child
When: Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 10 - 11.30am.
Meet-up: outside Topsport shop.



4. Explore the mines

Did you know that there once existed miners here in the valley? We follow their footsteps and see if anyone dares to climb into the pits! We leave our small siblings at home and take a trip to explore the mines. You can borrow a headlamp there, and we also provide a simple sandwich packed lunch. Inform us of allergies when booking. We will walk for 6 km in hilly terrain, 3 km of which is uphill. Book* no later than 4 p.m. on the day before.


Age: From 9 years.
Price: SEK 140
When: Monday and Saturday at 1 - 4pm
Meet-up: outside Topsport shop.



5. Canoeing on Ljusnan 

Experience mountain nature by canoe on the Ljusnan river. An easy day trip on calm flowing water. A canoe has space for two adults and two children (max). Book* no later than 4 p.m. on the day before. Provide name, age and weight at the time of booking.


Age: For the whole family!
Price: SEK 650 per canoe
When: Monday-Friday at 9am and Saturday at 10am. 
Meet-up: outside Topsport shop in Funäsdalen. 



6. Climbing Funäsdalsberget mountain

The best and longest via ferrata of the mountain. An obvious choice of activity for families. Steep, high and exciting. Clad in climbing harness and helmet, you climb up the steepest part of Funäsdalsberget mountain up to the cabin at the top. The tour takes a couple of hours and we don’t know of anybody yet who hasn’t come back with a big smile on their face. Rent a harness at Topsport with instructions.


Where: Funäsdalen
When: Every day, morning and afternoon.
Price: SEK 250 



7. Mountain games - the family battle

Get the whole family to compete with each other or against each other, depending on the number of people taking part. We compete in skills that are good to have in the mountains, such as lighting a fire fastest and packing smartest, as well as summer skiing. It is fun and easy for the entire family, no experience required. Max 6 families per event. Approx. 2 hours Contact our bookings* department with requests. 


When: upon request
Price: SEK 300 per family, regardless of the number of people.
Meet-up: outside Topsport shop in Ramundberget. 


*To book the above activities contact bookings on +46 (0)684 - 66 88 88 or Bokning@ramundberget.se


8. Water slide

Everybody welcome! We transform the ski slope into the largest slide in the mountains and enjoy the summer together! Rugged clothing, rain clothing or swimwear is recommended.


Price: free.
When: Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm, and Saturday at 4.30pm.
Meet-up: outside Topsport shop in Ramundberget



9. Cycling on the pump track

Come and hang out with your bike in our new pump track right in front of Fjällgården. We have built a short bike circuit with berms and small jumps where you get around without pedalling - you just need to pump and take advantage of the variations in the terrain. A fun challenge for your legs and balance! Both large and small cyclists alike can enjoy the track. Free admission and open around the clock.



10. Cycling on our technique track - skills area

There’s even more biking fun to be had in our skills area, which like the pump track is located between Fjällgården hotel and the Fjällgårdsbanan lift. It offers you a range of technical challenges, for example you can practice riding on walkways, jumping over small obstacles and biking at an angle. A perfect place to perfect your skills and balance, so you feel more confident in the saddle in mountain terrain. Free admission and open around the clock.


When: Tuesday and Friday at 4.30pm, Wednesday and Thursday at 1 pm.
Meet-up:  outside Topsport shop.



11. Mickelina’s summer party

Come and drink juice and celebrate summer with Mickelina. Bring a drawing with you and Mickelina will be extra happy. 


Price: free.
When: Wednesday 1pm.
Meet-up: outside Topsport shop in Ramundberget.



12. Film nights

Every night is film night in Källar’n at Fjällgården.

Price: free.
Time: 7.30pm

Monday: Vaiana. Tuesday: Sune i Grekland. Wednesday: Draktränaren. Thursday: Sune på bilsemester. Friday: Finding Doris. Saturday: Pirates of the Caribbean. Sunday: Bigfoot Junior.



13. Fun and games in Källar’n (the den)

Källar’n is open for fun and games every day. You can visit Mickelina's grotto, operate the lift, run the grocery store, or clamber up on our great snow grooming machine. There is also a table tennis table, table football, and an air-hockey table. Free admission during the summer. Open from 8am to 8pm every day.



14. Mickelina's bingo

Mickelina has gathered her favourite adventures on a bingo card so that you can go out and enjoy them yourself too. You can collect a list at Fjällgården’s reception and activities include cycling, hiking and games. Will you get bingo? If you show a complete bingo line, you’ll get a nice gift at Fjällgården’s reception.



15. Tour to the summer farm houses at Bockhammarvallen

Try one of Mickelina’s lovely favourite hiking trails! The hiking trail goes from the top of the Fjällgårdsbanan lift to the remains of an old mountain farmhouse and pasture right next to a small tarn. A beautiful tour which is well signposted, just long enough to suit even small mountaineers - and with Härjedalen's history always present.



16. Meet Mickelina 

Come and meet our cutest, most mischievous Arctic fox, Mickelina. Fun stuff always happens whenever she’s around. 



17. MTB tour for beginners

Mickelina has discovered that 2.5 kilometres is the perfect distance for anyone who wants to go MTB cycling for the first time. That’s why she’s marked it on her very own summer map. The trail has just the right amount of uphill, not too steep downhill, and is easy to find. Fun for young and old alike who want to try gentle terrain cycling!



18. Stay one night in a mountain teepee!

Fancy an overnight adventure? Then take the chance to stay in our mountain teepee. Take something to lie on and a sleeping bag and prepare yourself for a great adventure with the family. The teepee is in Ramundberget along Mickelina's hiking trail, about half way down at Mickelina’s cable car. Book at Fjällgården reception, it’s free!



19. Obstacle course

Compete against yourself or a friend on a course that needs strength, speed, fitness, courage and agility. 




20. Mickelina’s hiking trail

Mickelina’s pride and joy! Take the Fjällgårdsbanan lift to the top and then walk the 2 km down. You will meet animals, nature and history during a fine hike past the waterfalls, Mickelina’s house and an exciting cable car.



Bonus event! 

Piano evenings at Mor Britas with Victor. Quiet music is played during dinner at Mor Britas. Tuesdays and Fridays starting at around 6pm, from 17 July 



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