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 Välkommen till Ramundberget, Bara äkta vara!
Bada i vattenfall på fjällsemestern.

Water fun both outside and inside

No mountain summer would be complete without swimming in a waterfall. Just a ten-minute walk from Ramundberget you have the chance for a dip.

There are several fine waterfalls around Ramundberget. One of them is Tväråfallet. It is a full day trip to get there and home again, but the hike is easy. Take a proper lunch with you and eat it at the top of the fall.


You can see another waterfall from Mickelina’s fairytale trail in Ramundberget. Kvarnbäcken brook flies down over the steep cliffs. If you dare to visit it, go from the bottom upwards as it is way too steep in the other direction. The brook has created small pools with enough space for both adults and children to swim in. A tour here gives you quite an adventure, just around the corner.


If you think that mountain brooks are a little too refreshing, there is also a swimming pool at Fjällgården. You can do "bomb" jumps here, or simply relax in the comfortable loungers. Swimming is part of summer, even in the mountains, but some days it is nice to have slightly warmer water and a sauna nearby.


Find out more information and see prices for the swimming pool at Fjällgården.



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