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 Välkommen till Ramundberget, Bara äkta vara!
Bara äkta vara

LillRamis - now even better for families

Welcome to LillRamis a cosy family paradise with a café and a playroom downstairs. The café serves waffles, soup, hotdogs, good cakes and sandwiches.

At LillRamis children can be children and families can be together. That’s the most important thing when you’re on holiday, if you ask us. Here we play, go on adventures, go skiing, or have a bite to eat – together. Those of us who work here see children as the most important people, and guests truly appreciate this. LillRamis is the pride of Ramundberget.

There’s a button lift to the east and a conveyor belt to the west, so playtime is simple whatever the boot size. If the children start to get cold toes, then you’re welcome into the warmth of our fine and child-friendly cabin, which has a newly renovated little café in noise reducing surroundings with child-friendly areas. We have everything the family needs and our personnel are close at hand to ease your visit.

Outside we have snow-racers, sliding mattresses, sleds, snowmen and once a day, Mickelina comes to visit. The children also have their very own cross-country ski trail nearby. In other words, LillRamis offers almost everything to make the day into something special.

We take care of each other and ourselves at LillRamis – so we always wear a helmet when we’re on the slopes, whether we’re skiing, sledding, in a snow-racer or in mommy and daddy’s arms.

Prices & information

Same opening hours as the other lifts: 9am - 4pm

No evening opening. However, the sledding hill is lit up in the evenings for those who want to go sledding.

Price: Free for children whose parents have a ski pass. Otherwise, SEK 100 per child per day.


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The chat is open monday-friday
9am - 4pm

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