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 Välkommen till Ramundberget, Bara äkta vara!

A ski resort that thinks a bit differently


Ramundberget is located where it's located, and there's lots of snow
Already 70 years ago people skied here, what we have done is kept it small - so that there's no need to feel crowded.


We've built an adventure land for children, in the heart of the mountains, where they get a mini-course in mountain know-how at the same time as they ski. In Ramundberget we want the whole family to be together during their holiday. At LillRamis they can be.


We believe in simplicity - by that we mean real luxury. We don't have TVs here, instead we enjoy looking out at the mountain views and listening to the crackling of the fireplace.
Real luxury is that which happens inside and between people when they get to relax and log-out, that's where the mystique lies.

Meal times

Food – it’s important for us up here, there’s fish in the streams and plenty of game in the forests. We pick berries and mushrooms ourselves.
The recently built Tusen restaurant has become a natural feature where it’s located, covered in the moss. In Ramundberget we offer several restaurants, but of course you’re welcome to bring your own packed lunch to Rudolf. We don’t change something that’s good!
We have one of northern Sweden’s best cuisines, and just being able to say that it’s located at the end of the road makes it even better. We don’t simply eat here, we enjoy an entire experience with all our senses!

Our story

In 1936 a couple of skiers found their way to Brita Agaton’s farm where they were warmly received, and the group returned year after year. That’s how it started – Ramundberget has grown organically since then, at its own pace.

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