Familj cyklar på fjället  i Ramundberg

Cross-Country Trails on the mountain and in the valley

Cross-Country (XC) cycling in Ramundberget is varied and extensive. Discover mountain trails and valley paths beyond our bike park!

All around Ramunderget you will find accessible cross-country (XC) trails and paths of varying difficulty levels. Taking the chairlift Fjällgårdsbanan is an easy way to quickly get above the treeline and pedal straight into breathtaking mountain views. If you're feeling strong, you can also start from Ramudberget Village. 


Mountain cycling is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors. Remember that you share nature with animals and other people. Always show consideration, and choose paths according to season, weather and local conditions. 


XC cycling in Ramundberget is both fun and varied thanks to the changing nature of the mountain. We have broad, machine-dug cycling paths and exercise trails, steeper and flatter runs, untouched semi-wild paths with challenging roots and rocks, and an asphalted exercise trail between Ramundberget and Bruksvallarna. Unlike Flow Trails, where the main objective is to float down the mountain, XC trails require you to push those pedals - sometimes, quite hard! XC trails are rarely machine-dug but mostly natural.