Vägen till Ramundberget

Getting here Ramundberget resort

To get to Ramundberget you go by car, bus, fly or take the train with transfer. At the resort everything you need is close by and within walking distance of most accommodations.

Ramundberget mountain resort is a genuin ski resort in the heart of Scandinavia in the Swedish mountains. We are beautifully located in the western part of Härjedalen at the end of the road. 
From Ramundberget it´s 20 kilometers from the Norwegian border and 750 meters above sea level. Most people take the car to get here but it is also excellent to go by bus or train. The nearest airport is in Röros in Norway, as well as the airports in Sveg and Östersund, with transfer possibilities to Ramundberget.

With car

Choose route 84, via Funäsdalen and Bruksvallarna, to us to the end of the road. Ramundberget is located 32 km from Sundvall, 59 km from Stockholm, 68 km from Gothenburg and 98 km from Malmö.
More distances:
Funäsdalen 2 km
Röros in Norway 9 km
Drove 14 miles
Östersund 23 km
Sundsvall 32 miles
Gävle 42 miles
Örebro 49 km
Stockholm 59 mil
Gothenburg 68 mil
Malmö 98 km.

By bus

Härjedalingen is a direct bus that runs from Stockholm via Uppsala and Gävle to Ramundberget. A convenient travel choice where you can also bring your skis or your bike.

By train

Snälltåget, night train operator, runs in periods from Malmö, via Stockholm, among others cities in the south of Sweden, to Röjan station including bus transfer to Ramundberget.

Trains from Stockholm to Östersund or Ljusdal and bus with Länstrafiken Jämtland to Funäsdalen, further by bus / taxi to Ramundberget.
Please note that bus / taxi bookings may be required.


Stockholm - Sveg
From Härjedalen Sveg Airport you can easily book a taxi transfer or hire a car, for further travel to Ramundberget. There are also buses, with Länstrafiken Jämtland and Härjedalingen.

Stockholm - Röros
The airport in Röros is the nearest airport to Ramundberget. Here, a number of companies fly via Oslo. From here you can easily book a taxi transfer or rental car waiting at the airport, for further travel to Ramundberget.

GPS coordinates for Ramundberget

X: 6959119
Y: 1325059

Longitude: 12 degrees, 23 minutes and 20.62 seconds
Latitude: 62 degrees, 42 minutes and 8.53 seconds