Together with the insurance company ERV, Ramundberget offers insurance specially developed for your mountain holiday.

Cancellation and rebooking insurance

Ramundberget's cancellation an rebooking insurance in collaboration with ERV applies to cancellation and rebooking of your accommodation before arrival and during your stay. Get the insurance at the same time you book your trip or at the latest before the first installment is made.


Price list 

SEK 495 for bookings up to SEK 20 000
SEK 995 for bookings up to SEK 40 000
SEK 1495 for bookings up to SEK 50 000
Valid per booking up to insured amount. Incurance for bookings to an amount over SEK 50 000 contact the booking office. 

(Terms for cancellation and rebooking insurance and information about complaints. Fact sheet for cancellation and rebooking insurance

Ski rental insurance

Ramundberget and Topsports Ski rental insurance include:
New equipment in the event of theft or damage to equipment rented at one of Topsport rental services. Refund for remaining days of ski hire, ski pass or ski lessons booked through Ramundberget and Topsport if you are forced to cancel your skiing. Applies when medical certification is presented.


  • SEK 700 for adult, SEK 500 for adolescents, SEK 300 for children in case of theft or damage to rented equipment.
  • There is no compensation of unused days for ski rental, ski pass och ski school. 

Notification of injury

  • In case of theft or damage to equipment, as well as for ski rental, ski pass or ski lessons, please report to any of our Topsport shops. 


Ski insurance price list

   3 hours  1 day  2 days  3 days 4 days 1 week 
Skis children/youths  60 60  70  80 90 100 
Skis beginner/ youth advanced   80 80 90 100 110 120
Skis average/advanced 110 110 120 130 140  150
Snowboard 80 80 90  100  110  120 


Face sheet for ski insurance,  Skiduthyrningsförsäkring