Cykling i Ramundberget flowtrail och cykelpark

Flow Trail FOR ALL

Cycle in Ramundberget's bike park and flow trail surrounded by beautiful mountains and views. With a chairlift to bring both you and your bike back up, the fun only stops when you want to.

A Bike Park with Flow

Our bike park consists of beautiful, machine-dug flow trails that slither down the mountain through birch trees and waterfalls. Feel it in your stomach as gravity lifts you off the ground and takes you through the highest curve on the slope. Pause to enjoy views of snow-capped mountains and refill your water bottle from one of the rippling brooks that rush down the mountain. Take the chairlift back up, ride the same trail again, or test a new one - the choice is yours and the options are endless. 

Our flow trails come in varying levels of difficulty from green to red, suitable for beginner cyclists as well as more experienced riders in search of a bigger challenge. For those looking to really shred, we have tougher runs with jumps and drops that will give you serious kicks. If you're looking for more of a family outing, the bike park also offer easier paths with beautiful rest and view points perfect for playing and barbecuing. 

What is a Flow Trail?

A flow trail is a constructed path that circles down the same slopes where you ski in winter. As opposed to normal downhill biking, these trails are drawn through many different slopes and birch forests to give you an enjoyable sense of "flowing" down the mountain. The idea is that you won't have to neither brake nor pedal, but rather allow the path itself to regulate your speed. Our bike park consists of only flow trails and trail cycling of varying difficulty levels, with many trails suitable for the whole family. 

Rest Stops in the Park

Along our paths you'll find many beautiful rest and view points. Sit down to relax on one of our benches or chairs, and enjoy views of the mountainscape around you. Refill a water bottle or drink directly from a mountain brook. At some rest stops, there are also opportunities for barbecuing and playing. 

Restaurant Tusen is a given stop in our bike park. Here you can enjoy a "fika" or some lunch with a panoramic view of our mountain peaks. Cycle on to the cross country area above the treeline, or stay and enjoy the pump track, skills area and playgrounds. 

Ramundberget Base Camp is a larger rest stop with a barbecue pit and a zipline running across The Ravine. Kids love playing in the mountain brook. Find Ramundberget Base Camp along Helagsflytet, around 1,1 km from the lift. 


You need a helmet and a bike that's easy to brake with. Suspension will make things more comfortable, but isn't needed on our green flow trails. If you own a mountainbike, with or without suspension, you are free to use it in our bike park. If not, you can rent one from Topsport next to Fjällgårdsbanan chairlift.