Fiskare bland fjällen

Fishing in mountain waters

Fishing opportunities in Ramundberget are many and varied. Grayling, char and trout all thrive in our mountain waters.

Fishing Near Ramundberget

In the area there are fishing possibilities for everyone, whether you are an avid fly fisherman, prefer spin fishing or just want to fish while relaxing on a jetty. 

Ljusnan River flows through Ramundberget's mountain valley and with its clear, slowly flowing water, the conditions for fly fishing are good. Fishing is challenging and technical as the flies must be small and the leaders long and thin.

From Hotel Fjällgården there are several options for those who want to put on their boots and walk a good distance. Sylsjön Lake, with the waters around it, and Hyddsjön, on the Norwegian border, are worth exploring. Just hiking there is a great nature experience.

For the family or beginner, there are many different waters to choose from, with trout, char, grayling, perch and pike. Messmörstjärn and Måns-Erstjärn are easily accessible waters where fish are released every year. In Ljusnedalssjön there are very fine populations of perch, pike and whitefish. Boats are available for rent.


Equipment, Tips and Fishing Permits