Family is hiking in Ramundberget

Hiking for everyone

The mountains are a wonderful place for hiking. In Ramundberget there are fantastic opportunities from midsummer into the fall, short trips, day trips and longer trips.

Ramundberget and the Funäsfjällen area offer many opportunities for various outdoor activities and a rich outdoor life during the summer, not the least hiking. Here you find magnificent vast expanses and the choices are numerous, for both beginners and more experienced hikers.

Pack your backpack with clothes that suites the weather and remember that it can change quickly. Take plenty of time to get the chance to really enjoy the views and the experiences that the mountain environment has to offer.

Hike on your own or follow Ramundberget's arranged hikes with a guide.

Take the lift

A quick and easy way to get a lot of mountain feeling is to take the lift. The chair-lift Fjällgårdsbanan in Ramundberget's village center is open during the summer high season.


The area Funäsfjällen, of which Ramundberget is a part of, the mountains are accessible. In several places there are mountain parking places where it is allowed to drive the car and park a good distance up the mountain, for a small fee. It gives the opportunity to great experiences even for those who do not want or can walk so far. Ideal for families with children.

Gemtours (Guldturer) 

Around Funäsfjällen there are several Guldturer, gem tours. They are special selected hiking tours for all tastes and levels. Here you will find everything from short trips in a few hours to long full day trips for those who long for a real adventure. Many of them starts in Ramundberget. 

Mountain map

Calazos map over Funäsfjällen in scale 1:50000 is detailed. It shows both the gem tours and bike trails as well as all other hiking trails in the area.