Vandra Gruvturen med vida vyer

Mining Tour nature, culture and history

Above Ramundberget are mining holes, quarries and old mining cottages; memories of the area's bygone era of iron ore mining.

Description of the Route

The tour starts from Ramundberget on the north shore of Ljusnan River, past the campsite and across the bridge. Keep right. You will see signs for Gemtour 3 with orange markings for the mines. 

By the waterways, look out for the pink mountain-dwelling wildflower flower Moss Campion. Along the route are signs describing the area's mining history. Once up on the mountain you'll find several mining pits you can climb into at your own risk. 

These trails are marked as red, that is to say of medium difficulty. 

Length: 12 km with an altitude difference of 230 m 
Duration: Around 5 hours 


Tip! Some days during peak season, the Bruksvallarna Village Association organizes "mining days." Take the opportunity to experience mountain nature, culture and history all at once! A popular part of the tour is trying out the "kolbulle;" a traditional Nordic pancake cooked in a pan over open fire and served with crimson lingonberry jam. It was a common dish among loggers, coalers and railway men, who lived under primitive conditions, often in bunks.

For an Easier Tour

Drive to Djupdallsvallen, one of Ramundberget's Mountain Parking Lots. From here, the path is clearly marked and starts right outside the fence. Walk anti-clockwise over old pastureland to Glimtjärn Lake and onto the mining area. Return the same way you came.  

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