Accessible Mountains with parking

The area around Ramundberget offers some of Sweden's most accessible mountains. The many Mountain Parking Lots mean you can easily drive up the mountain and park your car above the treeline for a small fee. From these parking lots, you can bike, hike, go trail running or simply enjoy a Swedish "fika" with a view.

Mountain Parking Lots near Ramundberget

In Swedish, a Mountain Parking Lot is called a "Fjällparkering." 

Djupdalsvallens fjällparkering
Drive from Ramundberget towards Bruksvallarna. Take a left towards Djupdalsvallen and Mittåkläppsvägen. Continue past the houses for about 800 m, until you reach a road toll where you need to pay a daily fee (card payments accepted). Once at the parking lot, you'll find the Djupdalsvallen Waffle House ("Våffelstuga") right at the foot of Mittåkläppen, towering 1,212 m above the sea. From here, you can choose between many beautiful paths for both hiking and cycling. The area is also a great starting point for climbing Mittåkläppen, or fishing in any of the plentiful fishing waters. Make sure to enjoy a "frasvåffla" if the waffle house is open! 

Rockvallens fjällparkering
Drive towards Bruksvallarna and take a right towards Topsport and ICA Supermarket. After the bridge, take another right and follow signs for "Rockvallens fjällparkering." From this parking lot, you can go for a steep 1,5 km hike towards Kariknallen, where you can enjoy crispy waffles and grand views. There are also several hiking trails for those who want to cross the mountain and reach Fjällnäs, or take a trip to Svalåtjärn.

About 3 km past Ramundberget Village is a Mountain Parking Lot near Slättansvallen. Just keep driving on the road that passes the hotel, and you will eventually find it. This is the starting point for hikes to Tväråfallet, a very popular spot with our summer guests. From Klinkenparkeringen you will also find several Gemtours, routes selected by the Swedish Tourist Association as particularly enjoyable. For example, you can hike to Helagsfjället (our tallest mountain), Skarsfjället, or go for a bike ride. Please note there is a fee to use the road to Klinkenparkeringen.