Renstigen aka reindeer path

Renstigen, translating as "Reindeer Path," is a fun and easy 45-min mountain trail. Winding through beautiful meadows, it offers grand views of Ramundberget and a tranquil picnic spot with a tipi.

To walk Renstigen you start off from Stjärnliften, following the red posts with Mickelina on them. The trail begins on the kids' slope Glidarbacken and continues uphill through summery meadowland. But fear not - before you know it, the path will start going downhill again, and you'll be rewarded by arriving in Renskogen ("Reindeer Forest"). In this cozy woodland, you'll find a tranquil clearing with a tipi (tent) and a barbecue spot. A perfect place to rest your legs and re-energize for the last part of the hike. 


Signposts along the Trail 

  • At the top of the trail (after about 1 km) right before it starts going downhill is the perfect place to pause and enjoy the views.
  • Shortly after the path starts winding downhill, you will find Renskogen at 1,2 km. In addition to the tipi and barbecue spot, there's also a field with some cute wooden figures.
  • Right at the end of Renskogen, where the trail continues into the woods, is a bench where you can sit down for a breather while enjoying the views. 
  • After the trail passes the ski lift Skarsliften, keep right and continue on the gravel path all the way back to Ramundberget Village.


Wear proper hiking boots, as some parts of the path can be wet. Since it's a new trail, it has not yet been very well trampled, and some parts may be a bit wild. Of course, there are still signposts clearly marking the whole trail. 

Why not combine the hike with our Nature Library? Collect mountain flowers and see who can find the most kinds! 

Length: 2,5 km.

Duration: around 45 min.