Hikers by Ljusnan

Sveån flowers and pilgrims

An ancient pilgrim trail that takes you all the way up the mountain to views of Helags and Skarsfjället. Smell wood anemones and orchids, and enjoy the ripple of waterfalls along the way. A great combination of nature, exercise and history.

Description of the Route 

This trail winds west through Ramundberget Valley towards the Norwegian border, partly along the northern shore of Ljusnan River.

From Ramundberget, start by walking on the north side of Ljusnan. Once over the bridge, follow signs marked "Guldtur Sveån" (Gemtour Sveån), starting in the same place as "Guldtur Klinken." After about 2 km, take the path that runs upstream along River Sveån called "Romboleden." 

During summer, this route treats you to enchanting flowerage. In June you will find billowing fields of wood anemonies, shimmering in pink and stunning lilac. In July and August, you will find plenty of "Brunkulla," an extremely rare kind of orchid that is also the provincial flower of Jämtland.

Along the path, don't miss the signs about the pilgrims that used to walk this trail in the 12th and 16th centuries. Take a break by one of the many beautiful picnic spots along the river, such as the wind shelter by Färdmansrösta. 

There are lots of opportunities to get side-tracked on this trail. Along the river runs a ravine, with plenty of little waterfalls and beautiful stream formations. You can also swim in natural pools right below the waterfall, and enjoy views of Skarsfjället and Helagsmassivet. 

Length: 9,5 km

Duration: Around 4 hours