Två löpare på fjället

Running on mountain trails

Running on natural trails and mountain paths offers fantastic views and fun, effective training.

Guided Group Runs

Every Tuesday morning, we offer a guided run for the morning people. Meet at 07:00 outside Hotel Fjällgården. We make sure the run fits all participants and always aim to get up above the treeline - but of course, weather and energy levels may impact this. 

You don't need to be a Marathon runner to join, but you should feel alright running in varied terrain and be fine with getting your shoes muddy. 

Once back at the hotel, there will still be time for breakfast at Mor Britas! 

 Tuesdays 07:00-08:30

Cost: 150 SEK per person.

Number: Max 8 people (Minimum 2  for the activity to take place.)

Skills needed: Be comfortable running a longer distance in hilly, unmarked terrain. 

Meeting Point: Outside Hotel Fjällgården

Bring: Weatehr suitable for the weatherm shoes with good terrain grip. Sticks if you want them. 

We can drink from the river, so no need to bring a water bottle!

Book before 16:00 the day before. Activity offered Weeks 29 - 34 Summer 2022. 




You Can Also Run on Our Hiking Trails

Head out among our rippling mountain rivers! All you need to bring is something to drink out of, and your run will be easier. Our trails offer varied terrain, with everything from casual jogging paths to tougher interval hills. 

A Ramundberget favorite is running Gemtour Klinken. The trail is 12 kilometers, reasonably hilly but not too steep. Ljusnan River winds its way along the path and provides fresh water for the thirsty. Below Hotel Fjällgården there is a bridge over Ljusnan, after which the trail begins. 

For a shorter version, simply take the Fjällgårdsbanan chairlift up the mountain and run wherever you fancy! Run to the top of Ramundberget or towards Walles in Bruksvallarna, and then back to Restaurant Tusen and Fjällgårdsbanan.

If you are a beginner in mountain running, there is a shorter loop of 2,5 kilometers that starts at the bridge over Ljusnan below the hotel. A nice, slightly hilly path. A tip is to finish the workout at the outdoor gym next to Ljusnan!