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Alpine Skiing in Ramundberget

In Ramundberget you'll find 10 lifts, 47 slopes, several freeride areas, 5 parks and two kids'a areas. Almost all our snow is natural, too.

Ramundberget's alpine skiing has a strong foundation. After taking one of the ten lifts, you can choose between 43 different slopes - from the sweetest, to the rather mean. We are particularly proud of Helags and Prima, which have won Best Piste awards in several Swedish competitions for many years. We believe this is primarily down to two reasons: 

1. The runs are planned according to the natural topography of the mountain; a topography made for skiing. 

2. Since we receive so much snow, we don't have to use as much fake snow as other resorts. This makes for much smoother riding. 

Just as famous are our off-piste areas. Particularly Osthang is a big favourite among Sweden's powder seekers! 

Lift ticket? Buy easily online, or at Gästervice once you're here.



Equipment? Our sports shop Topsport, where you can try the latest skis and boots, hads everything you need. Don't forget to quiz the pro staff about everything gadgets, trends and local ski tips. 


For kids? Our Arctic fox mascot Mickelina's World has activities for kids in sumemr and winter. In Källar'n (Hotel Fjällgården's basement) there is a miniature world full of toys for all guest at the hotel. Finally, in our main kids' area Lillramis you will find great opportunities for easy skiing and other snowplay.


Past and Present

Already when the first lift was built in 1958 and Ramundberget opened its doors for the very first time it was clear that the area had the very best potential for serious alpine skiing. Not only the topography and the fact that the village is 700 m above the sea point to this. Also, the meteorologial conditions are optimal in Funäsfjällen, and Ramundberget is considered a real powder keg. To this day we have way more natural snow than fake, which is pretty much unique among Sweden's larger ski resorts. It's no accident that so many freeriders and ski tour enthusiasts rave about Ramundberget year after year! 

In later years, we have also become a favorite among families with young kids. Two years ago, in a poll of more than 3,000 voters carried out by, Ramundberget was voted the best family ski resort. We guess it's not only because of our popular Arctic fox mascot Mickelina and her world, or even the kids' own ski area Lillramis. Rather, we think it's the strong nature experience offered by Ramundberget in combination with our great facilities that make us a popular choice with both experienced alpine skiers and helmeted toddlers.