snowboarder jumping in the park

Snow Parks On pistes and among trees

In Ramundberget there are five snow parks, located on and off the pistes. Enjoy everything from man-made features to natural shapes created by the mountain itself.


This park is a dream for anyone who wants to fly high in Ramundberget. Here you will find jumps, rails and various features with creativity and fun in several different red and black lines. Drömlandet is located just at the treeline, next to the Ängarna ski area. It is built entirely of natural snow which gives for incredibly smooth landings.



Our forest park Skogsparken, next to the lift Solliften, is half natural and half handmade. Its shape is determined by nature, as the Logotype Snowparks Ramundbergetcliffs and forest were already there. All we've done is built features out of the trees we chopped down to make the forest sparser. Take the lift up next time it snows - that's the best time to visit Skogsparken. 



Lekparken is a park for the smaller children and part of our mascot Mickelina's World. There are bumps, small jumps, some simple boxes and playful challenges. Here the whole family can play and develop their skills together. The park is accessible if you take the lift Solliften.



A park for those who want to try easier forest riding. Enjoy boxes with small jumps and terrain waves. Start off by giving Mickelina a high-five! 



Our newest park! Ekorrparken is our first park built entirely out of natural snow. Located right next to Ekorrpasset, it features a sidehit, a corner and a roller to finish with an easier rail and box down in Osthang.