In our ski system, you'll find the perfect run no matter your level. Most of our snow is natural, and on and between all slopes are opportunities for off-piste in sparse birch forest.

Piste Information

Number of lifts 10, out of which 7 drag lifts, 2 chairlifts, 1 magic carpet
Number of slopes 42, out of which 3 double black, 10 black, 14 red, 11 blue, 5 green
Parks 5
Highest run 1,000 m. above sea level
Highest drop 300 m.
Longest run  1,650 m.
Night skiing and extended opening hours Varies during the season
Lit lifts and runs Stjärnliften and Glidarliften, Slalombacken and Glidarbacken
Pulka (sledding) Sledding is permitted in Lillramis, day and night


Lift Opening Hours

22 December - 4 February


5 February - 21 April



*All Ramundberget lifts. Lifts may close temporarily during extreme cold and wind. 



Fun Facts 

Alpine Skiing has a long history in Ramundberget, with the first lift built already in 1958.
We have one of Sweden's best off-piste areas, with plenty of natural snow for the majority of winter. Our lifts will take you to slopes both flat and steep, and our easy Ski Tours lead to untouched areas of great natural beauty far above the tree line.
Our five parks are located just below the tree line, and feature everything from man-made jumps to shapes created by the mountain itself.
Dotted throughout the ski system you'll find cozy Värmestugor (heated huts) to thaw your toes, and prepared grilling spots with fires to warm both frozen hands and hot-dogs. Perfect for a picnic, or just a well-deserved break.