Pistör eldar i grillhus

Lunch pack outdoors in heating cabins and grill houses

In the ski area of Ramundberget there are several heating cabins and grill houses for those who have a packed lunch.

The heating cabins have microwave ovens and toilets. In the grill houses there is the possibility to get warm and barbecue over the open fire. 

Heating cabin at the attic of Grytan kök och bar

At the foot of the mountain next to the chair lift Fjällgårdsbanan is the restaurant Grytan kök och bar, upstairs from Gästservice. Here is the opportunity to eat lunch that you brought with you. There are also microwave ovens and access to drinking water. If someone in the company needs or wants to buy something from the restaurant, you can bring it up to the attic.

Heating cabin and grill house at the childrens ski area

Downstairs of Mickelina's café by the children's area Lillramis, there is a heating cabin with the possibility to heat food and rest tired little feet. There is also a popular playroom for the little ones as well as rest rooms for breastfeeding. There is a grill house at the  bottom of the Lillramis lift. 

Osthang heating cabin and grill house

In Osthang ski area, by the lift and the snowboard shop, the heating cabin is always open in the winter. There are microwave ovens, water and access to two toilets.

In the grill house, outside the heating cabin, the fire burns during the ski season, welcome in to warm you up, grill and eat your lunch bag.

Grill house

...by the bridge over Ljusnan

Beautifully situated by the river Ljusnan, down the campsite and the children's area Lilllramis at the railway station, there is a barbecue house with the possibility to cook, heat and eat the packed lunch.


... below Solliftarna on the mountain

Take a break from the skiing and slide in here and let tired legs and feet rest for a while.