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The simplest way to get from Ramundberget’s Fjällgård to Slättansvallen is by car or bike, but you can also walk. From here, the route to Klinken is very easy to walk along a clear trail.  Once at Klinken, you walk over the suspended bridge to the north side of the Ljusnan river and then you’re standing on the famous Kungsleden trail.

The tour to Tvärån offers you different kinds of experiences. There's an old “säter” which is Härjedalen for summer mountain farm, with hayfields along the Ljusnan river. In July, the rare gymnademia, the regional flower of Jämtland, blooms here, a small, black-red and slightly vanilla-smelling beauty.


Follow Tvärån that joins the Ljusnan river in the valley. The hike becomes more exhilarating as the river’s roaring waterfall is followed upstream. After a kilometre along the river, you will soon reach "Tväråpoolen” a fantastically beautiful waterfall where many take the opportunity to bathe. Even higher up there's a perfect stop at a beautiful fall with a fireplace, and lovely natural seats on the rocks.  

The tour is a red, medium-difficult one and about 13 km long, with a 130-metre difference in altitude.


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