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Leden till Ösjöstugan går förbi Sörgruvorna.


You take the Fjällgårdsbanan lift straight up the mountain from Fjällgårdstorget square to start your mountain adventure. The view is amazing in all directions. 

Follow the trail along Kvarnbäckstjärnen, the same trail as Gem Tour 8. In fair weather you see Helags mountain 30 kms away to the north. At 1797 metres above sea level, it is the highest peak south of Sarek, 800 kms to the north. Birds such as the Meadow Pipit, Northern Wheatear and Golden Plover call the mountain their home. You may hear Redshank cautioning you from the marshes somewhere and if you’re lucky you might see Golden Eagles soaring over the mountains.  

At the mines you leave the open mountainside and turn down towards the mining pits that you can also go into. You do so at your own risk, but it is an exciting experience. The quarry between the mountain and forest is most interesting as it contains uncommon flora. The presence of lime in the ground affects the plants and just below the mine there are mountain carnations, indicating heavy metals in the soils.

Once you’ve had enough of the darkness of the mines, you either go back to Ramundberget the same way you came, or continue on the rest of Gem Tour 8. 

The entire Gem Tour 8 is blue (easy) and about 16 km long, with a difference in altitude of 310 metres. If you choose only to go to the mines and back, then the tour is 10 km long.


Be sure to ask the staff at Fjällgården to point out the trail on a mountain map.

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