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Ski-school groups 1.5 hours

3 - 4 years Snowmen

Has never skied before, or only tested a little. We aim for a positive start to skiing by focusing on playing. We test out turns and braking.

4 - 5 years Snow stars

Can take the button lift, stop and turn in both directions on green slopes. Train at improving balance and more confident turns, with a playful focus. We start the week at LillRamis and progress from there based on the group’s capabilities.

4 - 5 years Small Gliders

Can ski independently on blue slopes. We explore the lift system and the adventures up the mountain.

5 - 6 years Small Turners

Can take blue slopes and most red ones. We are used to the T-bar lift and train to increase speed and become familiar turning with parallel skis.

5 - 9 years Sneak-ups

Has never skied before or only tested a little. Train to take the lifts, brake and turn.

6 - 10 years Gliders

Can take the button lift, stop and turn on blue terrain. We explore new slopes and improve ski balance. Mickelina's World is a favourite.

6 - 10 years Turners

Can ski on most red slopes and is used to taking the T-bar lift. We improve balance in the forest and for jumping, and also work on parallel skiing.

6 - 10 years Sizzlers

Practised skiers who can parallel ski on most slopes. We use the entire system and get a feel for our ski edges, train at jumping and test off-piste.

7 - 10 years Rockets

Skis everywhere at a high tempo. We parallel ski on all slopes and now search for new challenges and develop our technique to adapt to the terrain.


10 - 15 years Alpine Beginner

Has never skied before or only tested a little. Train to take the lifts, brake and turn.

11 - 15 years Alpine Intermediate

Can take the lift, stop and turn in blue and green terrain. Train safety and fluidity in skiing with parallel skis, and also train to take the red slopes.

11 - 15 years Alpine Advanced

Can ski easily on all red slopes with parallel skis, and most black slopes. Fine-tune technique, long and short turns. We also ski in the park.


9 - 15 years Snowboard Beginner

Has never snowboarded before so we train at turning, taking the lift and keeping control of the board.

9 - 15 år Snowboard Intermediate

Can easily turn on both the toes and heels, lifts are no problem. We train at getting more fluidity and control on steeper slopes and also try out jumping.

9 - 15 years Snowboard Advanced

Can get down black and red slopes without a problem. We train at off-piste, at going on the edges of the board on the slopes and at jumping.


8 - 12 years Freeride

Takes on all slopes with parallel skis at a good speed. We want more challenges such as jumps, rails, off-piste and cliffs. Lots of time in the park and forest.

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