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 Välkommen till Ramundberget, Bara äkta vara!
Bara äkta vara

Our parks are made with one hundred percent love - by skiers, for skiers

The parks in Ramundberget are located just above the treeline on the open mountainside. This is where you can snap your best instashots.

Skogsparken (Forest Park)
Forest park is half natural, half handmade. Its shape is determined by nature, the cliffs and forest were already there. All we've done is built features out of the trees we chopped down to make the forest sparser. We thinned out the forest in the hope that if you challenging off-piste skiing you can do it here. Take the lift up the next time it snows, that's the best time for the forest park.

Mickelinaparken (Mickelina Park)
Mickelina has lots of good ideas for helping children have fun. She doesn’t keep them to herself either, and of course we listen. That’s why we’ve built a park for smaller children. It has bumps, small jumps, a couple of simple boxes and playful challenges that are like other parts of Mickelina’s World. It all makes skiing so much fun, according to Mickelina.

Lekparken (Fun Park)
The Fun Park is a dream for anybody who wants to fly high in Ramundberget. It has jumps, rails and different features on reds and blacks to get your creativity and ski enjoyment flowing. The park is located just above the treeline, and it is made entirely of natural snow, which means the landings are softer than in many other places. This is the park for those of us who think that skiing is more fun in a snow park.

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