Snowboard skier in the sunset

Topsport mountain activities

Topsport is a hub for activities and adventures in Funäsfjällen area.

Topsport in Ramundberget and Funäsdalen arrange guided tours, activities and events in the mountains, summer, autumn and winter.
Being in nature in the mountains and engaging in outdoor life is not just about having the right equipment and knowledge, it is also about being able to relax, exercise and socialize. Someone wants it for pleasure, someone else wants to learn something new and maybe challenge themselves a little extra. Topsport offers a good range of activities at different levels and based on different interests to take the experience to the next level. 

All adventures are facilitated by the right preparation and equipment. Topsport stores offers rental equipment in a wide range for your adventure, please ask us if you are missing something. We take good care of our equipment and the nature to create sustainable activities.

Part of the outdoor life is also knowledge about weather, snow, avalanches and various situations. Those are the topics we focus on when we have lectures and events.