The beautiful waterfall Tväråfallet

Tväråfallet waterfall swimming

Hike through flowering meadows and past rushing waterfalls to enjoy a dip out of the ordinary in Tväråpoolen: "Nature's Jacuzzi." You can make it there and back in around six hours.

Description of the Route

Drive, cycle or walk from Hotel Fjällgården to Klinkenparkeringen Mountain Parking Lot. From here, you can reach Klinken via a very easy and well-marked path. Once at Klinken, cross the hangbridge on the north side of Ljusnan River and take the well-known Kungsleden path. 

Follow River Tvärån until it joins Ljusnan River in the valley. Your hike is about to get more exciting as you follow the river's spectacular waterfall upstream. Walk along the river for about a kilometer and you reach Tväråpoolen, a stunning waterfall and natural pool where many take the opportunity to swim. Further upstream is a beautiful rest stop by another waterfall, complete with a barbecue spot and natural stone seats on the mountain slabs. 

The tour is red, medium difficulty, with an altitude difference of 130 m.

Length: 16 km round trip

Duration: Around 6 hours 

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