Wild Swimming in the mountains

A refreshing dip in a cold mountain lake, or an invigorating shower beneath a crystal-clear waterfall? Ramundberget offers a wealth of opportunities for wild swimming, with waters so clear you can drink straight from the river. Don't forget your bottle!

The area around Ramundberget is full of beautiful mountain lakes, rivers, creeks, brooks and waterfalls. And where there's water, there's swimming! Below is some inspiration for your next wild swimming adventure - with or without the kids.


Mountain Lakes and Streams

Ljusnan - the river that snakes right past Ramundberget - is a popular swimming spot in the summer months. Cool off on a hot day (yes, we do get them!), or end the day with an evening swim. The water is crystal-clear, and if you're lucky, you will see wild trout swimming with you. Don't forget you can rent a canoe to paddle down Ljusnan - a great way to find more secluded beaches.
Kvarnbäckstjärn is a smaller lake above the tree line, about 10 minutes' walk from the lift. A secluded spot with a true mountain feel, it's the perfect break for your self-guided hike or bike tour.
Kvarnbäcken, which we like to call "Base Camp," is a cozy little rest stop with great opportunities for swimming. It also offers a barbecue area, a zipline, and child-friendly beaches that invite safe play. Both Mickelina's Hiking Route and the cycling route "Helagsflytet" go past this popular family spot. 


Waterfall Swimming

Kvarnbäcksfallet is also on Mickelina's Hiking Route, and offers opportunities for a refreshing shower as well as a dip in the natural pool formed beneath the waterfall.
Sveån (formerly known as Röstvålen) is a lovely hiking route that takes you about 2 km from Ramundberget Village up to a medium-sized creek. It offers a stunning waterfall and beautiful natural pools - a true mountain experience!
Tväråfallet is a bigger waterfall with a larger natural pool, Tväråpoolen, referred to by locals as "Nature's Jacuzzi." It is reached by an enjoyable 8 km hike and is, if you ask us, really worth the effort! Also offers a fireplace and beautiful natural seating.