Skidlärare åker offpist

Off-piste lesson in snow-rich decsents

Ramundberget offers one of Sweden's finest areas for off-piste skiing. Together with a trained guide, the off-piste ride will be safe and secure. You will have the opportunity to find the right technique and get a great experience in the beautful mountains.

The area of Ramundberget offer both skiing in the mountains and in sparse birch forest. There is often plenty of snow here and the conditions for off-piste skiing are good.

There are several ways to experience the off-piste skiing in Ramundberget, both attending lessons and skii with a mountain guide. Every week guided tours and group skiing are offered. You can also book a private mountain guide.

Ramundberget's sports shop Topsport offers the opportunity to rent and test equipment, specially designed for off-piste skiing.


Bookning and information:, +46 684-66 88 00