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Closer to heaven at Tusen

Härjedalen nature meets award-winning design meets homemade taste sensations. Tusen offers you high-class food and drink, with views of the mountain and a never-ending canopy of stars. 

Tusen is located where the mountain birch forests thin out and give way to the bare mountainside. Internationally acclaimed for its architecture and with a cuisine that warms the spirits, Tusen is an obvious destination during your time in Ramundberget – day or night. 


Lunch café to top off skiing fun

During the day, Tusen is a lunch café for skiers who glide in for some warmth, a bite to eat and easy company. The menu is based on the foods of the mountains, and we’re happy to highlight our KleningarKlening is sandwich in the Härjedalen dialect, and Tusen’s version is hefty, filling sandwich made with bread baked in Funäsdalen, with an arctic char, reindeer or wild mushroom topping. If you fancy something warm, we recommend Mor Brita’s classic arctic char soup or a musty reindeer meat stew with lingonberries.

Tastes of the mountain at a homemade Härjedalen supper

When the lifts close and a calm comes over the mountains, another kind of Tusen awaits. On selected evenings we serves homemade taste sensations.  Everything is prepared with care and utter respect for the raw ingredients, and with a dose of experimental flair making it exquisitely good and beautiful on the eye.


But the Härjedalen supper is also a journey into the mountain realm. You’re transported up by snowmobile, so proper outer clothes are warmly recommended. Once up the mountain it’s completely silent, apart from the crackle of blazing flames. The sky deepens slowly towards a darker blue, the stars alight in their thousands and with a little luck you might see the Northern Lights. Inside, peace, calm and good company await.

The Härjedalen supper consists of four or seven courses. Since there’s solid craftsmanship behind every meal, bookings should be made and paid in advance.




The supper is about 8 servings where the cooking is based on local produce.

What is served depends on what is currently available, the products come from small-scale and local suppliers, which means that the menu cannot be written far in advance.

The menu is not vegetarian or vegan-adapted.

The sitting takes about 3-4 hours. There is no separate children's menu, but we can adapt the dishes slightly so that it becomes more child-friendly.

Since there is a solid craft behind every meal, it needs to be booked and paid in advance.


Transport is included in the price,

Adult, 900 sek

12-17 years, 595 sek

7-11 years, 495 sek

3-6 years, 395 sek


The following Wendsdays is it Härjedalssupper, 

Wendsday 27/2

Thursday  28/2

Wendsday 17/4

Thursday 18/4




You're welcome to book Härjedalen's supper on tel: +46 (0)684-66 88 38.

Tusen for you alone

We can of course also offer the Härjedalen supper for larger groups of people upon request. You can also book other special occasions here, for example weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.  Or a dinner as part of your conference.



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