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Go hiking in Ramundberget

Ramundberget is renowned for its beautiful and seemingly unspoiled nature. If you look closely you’ll soon discover that there is a fine network of hiking trails criss-crossing the mountains. Long tracks, short tracks, well-beaten tracks with clear sign-posting, and those that only the local wildlife knows. 

You can put your boots on right here in your accommodation and leave your car parked for the entire holiday. As many as ten hiking trails start right here on your doorstep, from pilgrim trails to what we call our Gem Tours.


Eight of the trails are Gem Tours, which means plenty to experience without too much strenuous exertion. The Gem Tours have been developed by experienced hikers, they are well-marked with clear map sheets that explain the degree of difficulty and what you see along the way. You can download the map sheets as pdf's so that you can print them out at home. There’s a total of 30 Gem Tours in the Funäsfjällen region, and all of them provide top-class hiking experiences.


  • 5 peaks

    Hiking the five peaks is a challenge with the best reward you can imagine: close contact with some of the finest mountains in the area.
  • Klinken pilgrim tour

    The pilgrim trail is a blue easy hike of 14 km, with a 30.metre difference in altitude.
  • Tväråfallet waterfall

    From Ramundberget's Fjällgård follow the trail along the Ljusnan river. Very easy and clear trail.
  • Mines

    Culture and history are constantly present on this tour. Several mining pits, cabins and a quarry in a variety of landscapes.
  • Mittåkläppen

    Mittåkläppen to Djupdalsvallen past mines, an old quarry and the mining cottage.
  • Ösjödalen

    Take the chair lift up over the tree limit to the wonderful views.
  • Helags

    Hike the trail to Fjältjägarstugan cabin and Helags. You'll see Mittåkläppen to the right and Skarsfjället rises in the west.
  • Heli-hiking

    Challenge yourself to a climb up the mountain or join a heli-hike to the top of Skarsfjället.
  • Ramundberget

    Behind the tarn above the Fjällgårdsbanan lift is where you'll find the top of Ramundberget. Take the lift up to the mountain.
  • Röstvålen

    The trail winds through the valley and then ascends steeply towards the open mountain. A long and wonderful tour!
  • Sörgruvan

    Take the Fjällgårdsbanan lift up to explore one of the mines of Ramundberget.

Mountain map

If you would like a detailed mountain map we recommend Calazos map of Funäsfjällen with a scale of 1:50000. It shows both Gem Tours and biking trails as well as all the other hiking trails in the area.


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