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 Välkommen till Ramundberget, Bara äkta vara!
Bara äkta vara

Combi skiing - downhill and cross-country

Snow security

We are so lucky to have found a place that is located in one of the most snow-secure mountain areas, and that also offers such incredibly varied downhill skiing. But we don’t own the mountain. We simply borrow it from nature. And when you borrow something, you return it in the same condition in which you received it. That’s why we’ve decided not to expand our ski resort excessively. Partly because we don’t want to make too much of an unnecessary impact on the place we borrow, and partly because we only want slopes and trails that are truly good. A good slope is steep if it’s meant to be, or flat if it’s meant to be. A good cross-country trail is hilly if it is meant to be or level if it’s meant to be. But only if that’s OK with the mountain.

Happiness is outdoors

Whether you’ve never been on a skiing holiday in Sweden before, or whether you’re an experienced Swedish mountain ski tourist, you’ll find wonderful downhill skiing and get that lovely butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling here with us. The butterflies come from doing something that is at the limit of what you can manage, without feeling stressed or scared. For us, it’s no coincidence that certain philosophers use almost the formula to describe happiness.

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