Kids' Mountain Hiking in ramundberget

Take your kids hiking in real Swedish mountains. Ramundberget offers paths for the very smallest and for those with more ants in their pants. Below are our favorite family-friendly hikes!

Hiking for the Very Small

Mickelina's Hiking Trail 

An exciting path full of fun and adventure built after a child's imagination. Starting off from Fjällgårdsbanan chairlift, this trail tumbles down Ramundberget Mountain past cozy rest stops crammed with opportunities for play and exploration. 


An exciting trail for big and small. Renstigen (Reindeer Path) runs through beautiful meadows and offers plenty of reward along the way in the form of beautiful mountain views and a lovely rest stop with a Tipi tent. 


Hiking for Those with Ants in Their Pants 

Ramundberget Peak 

Hike to the top of Ramundberget! Take the chairlift or walk up one of the ski slopes to the top of the mountain that gave our resort its name. The path starts off easy before taking a turn towards the top in unmarked terrain. Enjoy beautiful mountain views in all directions: Skarsfjället, Sylarna, Helags, Mittåkläppen and Axhögen.

Hike to Sveån

A cozy path that takes you through birch forest and up above the treeline. Thanks to its popularity, this is an easy, well-trampled path. It starts off somewhat hilly and continues past beautiful waterfalls and rivers where you can refill your waterbottle, or for that matter, go for a refreshing swim! A perfect day trip for the whole family. The trail can easily be adapted for younger hikers by adding a picnic stop halfway. 

Make sure you bring plenty of snacks for your hike, such as chocolate, nuts, raisins, fruits, biscuits or sweets. Hiking takes a lot of enregy, and refilling makes it all the more enjoyable for hikers of all ages!